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indecentlyknown V.2010

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Girlfriend's 21st! [Jun1011]
It took me quite awhile to finally blog about this, most of the pictures are on the facebook, shall post some here.

Gave the girlfriend a surprise by buying balloons for her together with the sisters :D


Her 3 kg Ferroro Rocher Cake from Sheraton Towers, got it at a 50% discount! So damn good!

Here's the cake cutting pictures!

The Ang family.

How cute are the next three pictures? :D

I shall end of the post with my favourite picture of the night.

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Fast & Furious 5! [May1311]
Caught Fast & Furious 5 last night with the girlfriend, damn it was way too awesome. Every single sequel was better than the previous one.

The thrill, the tricks, the cars, the chicks, I wanna watch it all over again & again!

My favourite character of the show (besides the main leads & the cars!) would have to be Gal Gadot, who plays Gisele Harabo.

She is the bombshell. What more with riding the suave Ducati there! Hawtness x1000000. The way she works around the car was unbeatable as well.

I actually googled her up, and found out she was Ms Israel 2004. She's got the makings of a VS Angel.

Anyways all the girls in this movie were awesome. Oh, if you've yet to catch it, don't forget to stay till the end of the credits, there's a surprise waiting for you!
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260205 - The 6th Anniversary [Mar1711]
Yay! I'm finally back with a new update on the blog! Was taking so long, cause LJ was being a bitch on Google Chrome, upgraded my Mozilla Firefox and it was much better (excuses, I know). Pictures were mini/small when uploaded on Chrome, in Firefox I could even adjust them.


That aside, 26th February 2011 was the 6th Year Anniversary celebration with the girlfriend dearest.

It started with morning breakfast at Bukit Timah Food Centre after I had to tap card for lecture attendance. Love cheap & good food, if you haven't been there before, you ought to! Too much yummy food to list them all out,


Headed over to Esplanade to meet the little sister. We were her "couple" model for her outdoor photoshoot, it was really hot (warm) to be at the rooftop, trying to catch the sun at the right time with the right shadow positions. Placing her product at the right spot & getting nice poses for her weren't an easy feat. I'll give her credit for wrapping it up within 30 minutes, efficient or what!

Had a simple lunch & bonding time, it's always great to my sis getting along with the girlfriend, cause they NEVER see eye to eye.

We went back for a short nap before prepping up for the highlight of the day!



Made reservations for the 2 of us a week ago, we've been wanting to check this place out for quite some time. It took us awhile to locate the place too, but it was a really awesome place to dine at!

We got a table at an enclosed area at the external corner of the restaurant, I felt like I was sitting in a Greenhouse room with plants surrounding me. I joked with the girlfriend saying as the sun sets, we'll be competing with the plants around us for oxygen!

Enough of that, here's the pictures of the food!

We a hot pot of Grape Boost (herbal tea) to warm ourselves, it was really soothing. There's a huge variety of teas to choose from, since both of us love fruity ones so we were recommended this.

I heard the Skinny Pizza is a must-try, so chose the English Breakfast one. You can see it is surrounded with tons of veggie, main stars were the long bacon strips & huge tomato slices!

Another main dish was chosen by the girlfriend, she got the Moroccan Spiced Baby Chicken. It had super yummy Yam Crisps, taste better than the ordinary fries, I finished all of it! The surprise were the Baby Bok Choy hidden below the chicken, delicious & cute mix, cause I'm a chinese-food-lover!

And for dessert, both of us shared a Warm Apple Crumble. One word: Sweeeeeeeeeeet!

My collage

Baby's collage

All in all, I give 4 out of 5 stars for sure, the one missing star is for the air-conditioner which was so damn cold & facing us directly! All our food were chilled when we're only halfway through ):
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HELLO :D [Feb1011]


This is actually my first entry for the year 2011, super not outdated I know.

Christmas 2010 was spent with the girlfriend & her bunch of tkd friends at the posh Sentosa Spa & Resort for a night. Best of the best.

New Year 2011 was spent with the family counting down at home along with Erdinger (:
Jumbo Seafood for our first dinner of the year.

CNY 2011 was normal visiting + dolling up with my pretty clothes + new makeup, nothing special.
Except for spending quality time with my awesome friends (Alvin, Shawna, JJ, Kristin, Bern) + the lovely girlfriend.

School is getting hectic & stressful by the day.
Exactly 20 days to my first Prelim paper.
Intensive revision for Mar & Apr. 9th May officially starts the Main papers.
I can feel the nerves creeping up.

Work's been very much smooth sailing ever since the new colleague came in.

Life with the girlfriend has been nothing else but bliss.
Her freedom she gets now for having nights out almost every other day is just plain awesome.
The amount of constant TLC I get is just more than I could ask for.

Okay, imma make a 2011 resolution to update this space at  least once a week from now on, cause I realised the only place I could keep up / track my life is from the 140 characters I type each time I update Twitter.


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The academic life. [Dec2710]
I realized I haven't had the time to sit down & pen down all my thoughts of my academic life thus far.

It has been a really crazy one for sure. I received my last results in September, which sank my heart deeply. Never have I done this badly my whole life. 4 Fs. What the hell was I thinking when I was studying.

Yeah, I know, no point crying over spilt milk right now. I let myself & my loved ones down.

I was in a mess at that point of time, tried drowning my sorrows, but it was the wrong way out. I had only myself to depend on, rushed through the next few weeks before the start of the new academic year, trying all ways out. And there, I found the light, I found my way around things.

So I swapped my course, dropped a unit, retake the other 3, revised my bank loan, and there I was on my way to retaining a year more & seeing all my fellow schoolmates/friends graduating before me. 

To think it's been halfway thru the new academic year already. Just 2 more months to the prelims & 5 more months to the main examinations again.

I've been so held up with work, that I really need to focus on studying more often nowadays. I really need to buck up.

The girlfriend has been the greatest pillar of support for me. Thank you love.
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Have you completed your x'mas shopping yet?

I've finally found the motivation to start blogging again, cause this space had become such a non-existent platform.

Enough said, I had one the most fulfilling day ever, though it started out with me who overslept an hour plus. Rushed down for my lunch date with @CalvinTimo & @SidneyReuben at Sunshine Plaza's Ichi Tei for yummy bentos. 

So we headed for some old-school neoprints at the Sticky shop (as said by Siddy), we had awesome fun!

Then, we witnessed some crazy "Angry Pigeons" violently pecking on leftover fries at the outdoor mcdonalds outlet at The Heeren's. That was so Stomp-worthy, like Calvin said. We were so paranoid by them, we decided to ditch the idea of finishing our fries & left. 

Next stop, some tai-tai tea time at Taka's Royal Copenhagen!

I love love love the teas there! The aroma from the tea is therapeutic I must say, ordered a pot of Fruit Tea of the Month & it happened to be Peach, one of my favourites! Even though I never really fancied hot teas, this totally made me love it. Oh, the wide array of pastries made Calvin & I spoilt for choice.

Eventually, he chose "Layers of Cream" & I chose "Banana Bread". Did not regret it, the walnuts gave the banana "cake" a good taste! Definitely gonna go back there to try the chocolate lava cake & more tea-time!

Guess who joined us? The one & only @jayleif!!!! Okay I sound like a crazy fangirl now.

This is the crazy face expression Siddy made me do while I was not-so-patiently waiting for Jayden's arrival.

And then a picture taken with Jayden after!

They even wanted to grab a picture of a hug goodbye *faints* We had a total of 3 pictures taken from 3 different camera(phone)s! And yes, I'm a happy camper (: So glad to have met up with them, we even planned out my goals for the next meetup! 

Was really reluctant to leave the boys, but I had a dinner date planned with Zihui dearest beforehand. The poor girl was suffering a badly injured toe(nail). We had a super quick/express dinner over at Cine's Old Town White Coffee. Caught up really quickly about our lives, loving it as always. We're gonna meet up real soon for awesome food!

Best of the day: Surprise bookout girlfriend was given, which is gonna last till Thursday morning + good news of block leave till 3rd Jan'11!

We went hunting for my x'mas gift from her, since I got her a graduation + advance x'mas gift from Topman already (: So we went to a few jewellery boutiques to find a perfect pair of earstuds, cause I can't wear silver, thanks to overly-sensitive pair of ears I've got there. 

Found the perfect 18k white gold pair of earstuds at Citigems, 50% off!

Now I won't have to fuss over taking them off or worrying my ear lobes would start swelling up! Yayness, love you girlfriend!
We went to "dou-feng" on the darling scrammie before heading home :D

Last lecture of the year later!
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This is really bad, I've neglected this space for way too long. I've been caught up too much on Twitter (since I've passed my 11,000th tweet), okay excuses & excuses. The whole of August/September/October swept pass so fast, so I better get down to updating about it.


Oh, how I've been looking forward to it, and as always ended up not up to my expectations. Many people cancelled on me last minute & I felt so bad for all the money wasted on so much food & the accommodation by my parents.

Anyways, I still had a great time to those who took the effort to keep me happy & coming down on a weekday night so far into Changi (NSRCC Bungalow). Shall let the pictures do the thanking.

The cake boxed up nicely with a ribbon on it, love it so much!

The pretty cake unboxed, thank you darling girlfriend for buying it for me, thou fully customized by yours truly <3

Outfit for the day.

The dearest family (: Thank you to dearest sisters who tried all their best to keep me smiling the night through.

Love you many my dearest bestfriend of almost 15yrs. Thank you for rushing down after work with your mummy tagging along (:

Thank you baby, thou you could only attend the party for mere 20min & rush back to camp, but thank you for making me happy with your presence & for everything you've done to make this 21st perfect, LOVE YOU! <3
Thank you Mel & Caren, you were the greatest friends by far! And your presents were the best, Winnie The Pooh FTW! 

Thank you Noven, for being there all 3D2N for staying over & keeping me company when everyone's not around (:

Thank you Jayken, for coming all the way down with your gf, really appreciated for being one of the few earliest (:

Thank darlings (Alvin, Kristin, Prisca), you know how happy I am that you guys made it :D

Oh how could I forget a picture of the loot of presents! (Sorry Jayken, red packets all not pictured, not only yours.)

Day before Birthday

Girlfriend planned a surprise lunch for just the both of us at With A Pinch Of Salt along Tanjong Katong Road. The place was really cute & cosy, brought me back to being a kid.

EWF @ Holland V, week after bday

A casual dinner along with girlfriend, Mel, Caren & Mel's sister. It was the 2nd time there, as the previous time Girlfriend & I only tried their desserts & side orders. This time round it was to attack the main dishes! Super love all the food there, of course not forgetting their fries, DUH!

Brought the polaroid out & took loads of pictures together (:

Polaroid outing with mummy & siblings

It was an off day for me & holidays for this siblings, so mummy tag along with us for a day out together. We headed to Old Town White Coffee at Cine for some tea time while waiting for our movie to start. Love love love the iced coffee there. We tried the Vanilla ice-cream with toast, it is super yummy!

Polaroids time again! :D

After which siblings & I went to catch the PCK movie, it was super comedic as usual, but definitely not worth the price, thankfully I had the discount for weekdays = $6 per ticket! Well, little brother enjoyed it the most.

Step up 3D

Caught the movie with girlfriend, it was brilliant I must say.

Step Up 3 won Street Dance hands down! It never fails to blow me away with its magnificent & slick dance moves, what more awesome music to go along. With the 3D effects, it was even more fantastic!

I hope there would be more sequels to it! Cause they never seem to run outta ideas for everyone. This by far is my favourite amongst the 3. Moose was definitely my favourite character in the movie.


I'll catch up with the school life + work & many great times with friends soon!
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Missing all the typing. [Jul3010]


It's gonna be a long summary of my stupid habit of not updating this space, but I did make the effort to "categorize" them to arrange my thoughts properly too. Maybe I was too hooked onto "reblogging" on Tumblr & shortening + summarizing into 140 characters on Twitter, that I lost touch updating in full blast on Livejournal.


While I was really looking forward to this date, girlfriend fell really ill & had to sit out of the graduation parade. So she told her family & me not to attend. I really was on the verge of just popping out in the spectators stand. I wanted to be able to be proud of her graduation. That she went thru it despite all her injuries.

Baby, you know I really was proud of you.

The Block Leave

It was a whole week of rest for girlfriend & quality time spent together.

She said when she's out, she'll fetch me to & fro from work every single day, well I thought she was kidding, but she was for real. Such a sweetie this adorable one. She made it a point to drive/ride out just to send me to work, pick me from work with yummy treats like KOI.

We had an awesome trip to the Universal Studios at RWS on Thursday. Both of us were like little kids enjoying ourselves tremendously, taking loads of pictures at every corner we could find & it really was the first time we had so much fun together after being for 5 years & going. Though I wasn't really keen on taking all the rides, girlfriend told me we'll take them together & it'll be fine. Taking kiddy rides together was the best (:

The way you held my hands tight & checking if I was okay right after the ride, making sure I was fine before caring about your own safety. <3

Stayed over girlfriend's place on that night, woke up the next day for an awesome Domino's brunch in the comforts of her sheets.

The Virgin JB Trip

On the same day, we went for dinner @ Dim Joy with Mel & Caren. It had awesome Dim Sum, we had our fill, ordered crazy number of stuff. Snow Skin Durian was the highlight, melts in your mouth instantly.

Dessert was at Once Upon A Milkshake. Had a little stroll along Marina Barrage as well.

Back to Mel's place for a stayover plus Mahjong night!

Saturday morning woke up to Macs breakfast specially bought by girlfriend who woke up the earliest, snoozed a lil more before heading out in the noon. En routeto JB, yes my virgin trip, had a hard time getting my mum to pass me my passport locked in her cupboard -_-

Had a late lunch plus early dinner at "Sentosa", a market area in there where the seafood was dirt cheap & good. We didn't have enough time to head to the well known kelong seafood place which had even better food. It was a really short trip in & out of the place. Did some shopping, got a new pair of flats & the highlight was Baskin' Robbins! Why doesn't Singapore have it here?

The Big Groove 2010

Sunday was work half day, lunch with girlfriend & headed to Expo to meet Mel & Caren (again) for the long-awaited hip-hop dance concert of the year!

Singapore's very own "Joyce and the Boys" was the bomb, their performance was so neat, your jaws couldn't stay close.

The all-time favourite "Wrecking Crew" all the way from Japan, had the slick moves that were the ultimate.

Highlight of the night was America's Best Dance Crew "The Quest Crew", their performance was totally unbeatable & had the sickest moves. So entertaining that I screamed my lungs out!

I had one of the best night ever, making me wanna go back to dancing all over again.

The Movies

Caught a few movies recently.

Triple Tap - It only boosts the shooting effects, but storyline was a little predictable. Typical movie to watch just for Louis Koo & Daniel Wu. Sadly, Louis Koo's close-up shots showed how much older he got, sagging face.

Despicable Me - This was really a hilarious, adorable & wonderful animation made. The minions were fantastic & I love Agnes with her cute speeched. "It's so fluffeh, I'm gonna dieeeeeeee!" & "I hope his house is made of gummy bears!". It was so cute, I watched it again online with lil bro.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - The movie was good thou, I thought it was better than New Moon. Maybe cause I didn't finish the book & didn't have high expectations. The best part was when I was freezing just when Bella was & she had Jacob to warm her up but I had none.

Inception - This was one mind-fucking-blowing movie of all time. I left the cinema in awe. The debate over its ending is never-ending, a dream or a reality?

Ong Bak 3 - This was the worst movie of 2010 for sure, total waste of money. Fighting & just fighting, nothing interesting at all. Storyline was boring. Ong Bak 2 was still the best out of the 3, I remember the touching scene of the elephants.

The Overload of TGS

The Garden Slug has grown so much on me, loving that place so much. Always looking forward to all their weekend specials.

I actually had lunch with Vicki & then dinner 2 days later with Mel, Caren & Gf. I never seem to get tired of the awesome food. Getting to know the sluggies Sophia & Sharon was the best, their hospitality when you're dining is just beyond words. They made sure you're comfortable & would strike couple of conversations with you.

If you haven't tried it yet, please do. 

The SISPEC & Nights Out

Life with girlfriend in SISPEC now, has been good so far. 

We had a "Family Visit" over the last weekend. Had fun checking out the place & their neat bunks. 

Just Tuesday & yesterday, girlfriend had nights out. It's like so precious time given (:

Tuesday was a triple date with Kris & Fynn and Mel & Caren, imagine the fun & laughters we 3 couples generated one a table in Suki-ya @ Marina Square. Steamboat never tasted this good + the company. Sending off was the worst part back to camp.

Yesterday was even better well spent with girlfriend only at Jurong Point. We caught Street Dance the movie, it was really really good, wonder if Step Up 3 in 2 weeks' time would outdo it. Dinner was over at Fig & Olive, we felt so healthy looking at their menu, rice was made with Virgin Olive Oil but tasted like Nasi Beryani, hah! We had loadsa silly fun buying junk food at NTUC for her to bring "home". Sending her off was good this time, no tears babaye!


Okay super a lot of updating done for July & today is already the 30th! Girlfriend & I also crossed our 65th monthsary together, many many more lovely time together! :D

August is on its way, which also means it is 11 days from my huge 21st birthday bash, can't wait to see everyone there! All preparations are well done up already. Spent tons of money, girlfriend sponsored my $220 customised bday cake & I spent $100+ on balloons! 

Alrighteys, gonna prepare for work at 6pm soon. Girlfriend's booking out tonight, yayness!
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It's been a long while. [Jul0110]


The title of this post says it all.

I always lose the momentum of updating this space.

My weekdays have been very BLAH, work & rotting at home. Once in a while to town, to check things out, without girlfriend. I've been searching for my 21st birthday cake, got my 1st present from Godma  - a cherryred & girlypink Agnes B wallet (still wrapped up in the paperbag till actual day), hunting for my key&necklace, and more presents.

My weekends, well I should say, much more well spent with girlfriend around. Super many late nights. Checked the new DblO out at Queen Street with her bunkmates + girlfriends, music was like how powerful, I down-ed 4 tequila shots & jugs of vodka mixes, un-sober & danced the night away. Mahjong session over at Mel's place & more to come!

The 64th MONTHSARY was spent catching TOY STORY 3! Ohemgee, it was the awesomest cartoon movie for sure! Love love it, especially when I see the girlfriend smiling so silly throughout like a small kid. Steamboat after with Mel &Caren at Bugis. Supper desserts over at P.S. Cafe @ Harding Rd (Dempsey).

All pictures are still with Mel, will upload soon!

Anyways, GIRLFRIEND IS GONNA POP ON SATURDAY!! 1 whole week of block leave & spending time together, gonna stayover for 2 nights! Happy is me :D
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Field Camp x2 [Jun1110]


The last outfield girlfriend had last week came to an early end on Fri evening & I received a surprise call at work. That "jump-off-chair" feeling was just awesome, after not listening to her voice for 4 whole days.

The Saturday spent together was even much more fruitful. The Garden Slug has been our regular hangout place. We never fail to enjoy ourselves with the food we have. Even just walking hand in hand down the crowded orchard road means just so much. Simple Pontian Wanton Noodles bring a smile across my face for late dinner together.

Baby, I know it gets tiring for you at times, I promise to give you as much TLC as I can, just so you would feel much better. You know I wanna be there for you no matter what. Times like this, I hope we would hold on stronger, arguments are what bring us closer.

This week, girlfriend is out for another 3D2N field camp, booking out later in the evening, hopefully we get our "Friday Adventure" supper somewhere after work. Saturday's gonna be one full packed day, I hope I can get my Canon camera ((:
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